About the Artist

Hi! I’m Frank Fradella, and I’m not the world’s best artist. In fact, and this may come as a shock to you, but I literally didn’t even feel comfortable using that title until about a week ago (Oct. 2012), when I saw a painting of mine hanging in a gallery in Houston with a little “sold” sticker on it.

A few years ago, I wrote and illustrated The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Drawing – Basics for Alpha Books. How I got that job is still something of a mystery to me. But I can tell you that I learned as much as I taught in that book, and I get very kind letters to this day from people who have read it and enjoyed it. More than that I couldn’t ask for.

But when I took a hard look at book (and it’s often very hard for a creative person to look at their work after the fact), I realized that while I wasn’t always happy with the art I put in the book, I believed two things:

1. If someone followed the instructions in that book from start to finish, they would be a better artist when they were done, and…

2. The single best thing I did in that book happens nearly on page 1. I gave readers permission to suck. I mean just outright stink.

I also knew that my deadline for that book (200 manuscript pages and 436 illustrations in just 6 weeks) was insane. I knew I had more to say, and I felt like I could go beyond the  speedpainting “tutorials” that are all the rage on YouTube and beyond. (I’m sorry, but a sped-up video of you painting a masterpiece is just showing off. You’re not allowed to call it a “tutorial” if there’s no actual tutoring going on.)

So I started Sketchfoolery as a way to post my own progress on my artistic journey and, hopefully, help a few people along the way.

Art is supposed to be fun. If you’re not having a good time doing it, go do something else. You’re always going to get the best results when you’re not clenched like a fist. It’s got to flow out of you. For me personally, I am never more centered and focused than when I’m painting. And I never learn more than when I’m doing stuff wrong.

Try. Fail. Try again. Fail better. But most of all, enjoy the journey.

Thanks for joining me. Let’s fool around together, shall we?