Austin Comic Con!
Austin Comic Con!

Had the great pleasure of attending Wizard World’s Comic Con in Austin this past weekend. This was the first time I was selling prints of my art and I was just humbled and overjoyed at the response. Things really kicked into high gear on Sunday when I brought my watercolor setup and went about finishing a Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) piece I’d been working on for the East End Studio Gallery. After the success of my first outing there, they were kind enough to ask me to submit something for this show.

The finished painting is below, with the earlier pencil drawing below. I’ll talk about this piece in greater detail soon!

Delilah De Los Muertos

And here’s the original pencil sketch, which I started late last week. As you can see, I decided against the bat emblem on her forehead because I felt it would overpower her face.

Prints of the finished piece will be available soon. Please stand by! :)


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