Lovecraft’s Tie
Lovecraft’s Tie

Last night in Houston, Texas, I attended my very first art show. Or, rather, I attended an art show where pieces of mine were hanging on the wall. To say it was an amazing experience would be an understatement.

The show was called “Love, Lovecraft,” and it was held at the EastEnd Gallery in Houston. I had two pieces accepted into the show and I was really gratified to see people stop me at the show and offer a kind word or two. I was absolutely floored when someone bought one of the pieces! (Seen above.)  The studio also did me a huge honor by using the piece for their marketing and Facebook icon.

I used reference for Lovecraft himself, of course, but the tentacle was straight out of my head. It’s hard on a watercolor piece to know when to walk away and stop messing with it. I’m glad that I stopped before I completely mucked it up!

I generally use Yellow Ochre and a dab of Alizarin Crimson Hue for my skintones, but I left the redder tone out this time to keep it more sombre. With the base wash down on the face, I started to build up the shadows, adding a little Burnt Umber for the mid-shadows, and almost a solid wash of that for the deeper shadow. It’s also important to note that the base color is mostly water. There’s only as much pigment in there as I absolutely need. Too much paint can make your subject look like he got trapped in a tanning bed.

The tentacle was particularly fun. I want back over that several times, deepening the color with various combinations, trying different things, and even added a little salt as it was trying to add a little texture. (Try it sometime!)

I’m trying to get better about capturing some work-in-progress shots, so future posts can be a little more detailed about the process. In the meantime, prints of this will be available sometime this week. Stay tuned!


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