My Pinterest Obsession
My Pinterest Obsession

I started off using Pinterest the same way anybody else does — badly. Oh, sure, I followed a few friends, found my feed suddenly flooded with pictures of the perfect blouse or pair of slingback heels. Except, you know, I’m a guy. So most of that stuff was less than relevant. Later, a friend of mine started posting pictures of faraway places and I felt my wanderlust meet a kindred spirit.

But still, on the whole, Pinterest held no interest for me.

Until a few weeks ago when I found this: Character Design References.

This, my fellow art geeks, is the mother lode. Not only does it have nearly every conceivable kind of reference an artist could want, but it is gloriously cataloged and labeled so you can find what you’re looking for in a jiffy. Looking for character poses? No problem. Middle Eastern garb? Got you covered.

You know what’s noticeably absent, though? A built-in timer so I don’t spend hours just trolling through the images. Because I’ve done that. Last time I went hunting for a piece of reference in there I lost three days. Luckily, my wife knows someone with a St. Bernard.

Seriously. Go.


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